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Gunndar Relnor a posted Apr 14, 12
Having fully recovered from the mutiny, Admiral Gunndar has called for a reformatting of the crews. Docked within the Stormwind Harbor, the Pardon's Wing will be serving as the one and only active ship in the Westwind Fleet. To fill the gaps left from the mutiny, the Buccaneers are once again recruiting!
Strathford ill be off for a bit, dont kick me
The Westwind Buccaneers docked in the Stormwind Harbor. The goal in mind, is treasure, but first we need a heading. 

Take part in the discussion as to where the Buccaneers head next, after the voyage up to Gilneas.

Recruitment for The Westwind Buccaneers is currently still open for our second ship, The Albacore. Hopeful recruits should seek out officers in Stormwind City.

- To anyone interested who is not currently a member of The Westwind Buccaneers, stop by the Docks or one of the Taverns in Stormwind and have a chat with one of the captains or the Admiral when we are in port! Also feel free to message is OOC! -

Recruitment is open. 

New to the site? Be sure to check out the forums and check out all the posts and updates!

This module is not available
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